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Bathroom Light Fixtures: How to Choose

Bathroom remodeling is both an exciting and challenging project. As far as functionality the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any dwelling and as the remodeling project progresses lighting becomes one of the key elements of its success. Whether the newly remodeled bathroom is simple or elaborate, effective lighting is a crucial element and the proper lighting fixtures will greatly enhance the enjoyment of the finished project.

Depending on the extent of the bathroom remodeling the light fixtures may need to be selected fairly early in the project. If relocating the electrical mounting boxes for the fixtures is part of the job it will provide a larger variety of options. If the remodeling does not include electrical changes there’s no need to worry as there are still many terrific solutions. When considering the lighting in any bathroom remodeling project the vanity area is one of the most important yet the temptation can be to provide lighting that is too harsh. A single light over the mirror just won’t do.

Generally speaking, light coming from each side of the mirror will provide the best experience for tasks like applying make-up and shaving. For this concept an electrical supply will be needed on each side of the mirror or perhaps, but only if the décor allows, swag lights could be used. If this isn’t possible a longer bank of lights over the mirror is the second best choice for lighting. There are many types of fixtures, some with simple to elegant lenses and others with decorative or globe bulbs that can be used to enhance the vanity atmosphere. Be careful though. Some globe bulbs show every speck of dust and quickly detract from the ambiance of a newly remodeled bathroom. One of the often overlooked considerations for proper lighting involves other areas than the vanity.

For smaller rooms a single area for fixtures near the vanity may be adequate yet may serve to create disappointing pockets of shadows so be certain to consider the room from every aspect of its use. Ask yourself, or better yet, imagine yourself performing all the grooming tasks and what type of lighting might be best. Stand in the shower area and decide not only what lighting is needed but what type of ambiance you’d like to create. Then consider whether such can be created from a central point or whether some recessed or indirect lighting might be best.

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