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Apr 27

5 Things You Should Never Throw Down the Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a useful piece of kitchen equipment. Many owners of a garbage disposal are unaware that there are certain items that should never be thrown into the sink where the garbage disposal is located.

Oil, Grease Or Animal Fat:
Oil, grease and animal fat should never put put into a garbage disposal. These elements turn into a solid as they cool and have the capacity to clog the disposal system and render it nonfunctional.

Certain Vegetables:
Most people throw all food down their garbage disposal but certain vegetables should never go into the system. Food items that have stalk or leaves will wind around the blade mechanism and potentially burn out the motor on the garbage disposal or clog the drain.

Noodles and Rice:
Everyone knows that pasta and rice expands when they become wet. Pasta or rice that is put into a garbage disposal will continue to expand over time. The expansion of the noodles or rice allow for the garbage disposal to become clogged requiring a plumber to fix the unit and unclog the kitchen drain. If pasta or rice does not clog the drain, they will eventually fill the trap system built into the garbage disposal causing the system to quit working.

Ground coffee gives the appearance of draining just fine when put into the garbage disposal. The problem with coffee grounds is that they settle into the trap of the garbage disposal which fills it up and will require a plumber to empty and fix.

Animal Bones:
Animal bones are the number one killer of garbage disposals. Disposals are just not made with enough strength to completely destroy animal bones. Trying to use the garbage disposal for disposal of bones will cause the motor to burn out or the blades to break. Fish bones are very small and may be put down a garbage disposal.

Apr 19

How to save money on your water bill

In these challenging economic times, there is never too much that one can do to save money. With the spiking prices of gasoline, entertainment, and utilities in general, it’s a smart move to cut corners wherever possible. Conserving water is one easy way that anyone can take some of the pressure off of their checkbook when it comes time to pay bills, because water consumption is an objective service that we all have control over. By instituting and enforcing the following strategies, you may be surprised to see significant positive changes in your water bill.

The simplest way to reduce your water bill is by simply choosing to use less water. This can be accomplished by switching to showers rather than baths, by taking shorter showers, or by making sure to turn off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth. The average bathtub requires around 35 gallons of water to fill. By choosing a 5 or 10 minute shower, instead, individuals can cut down their water usage to half of that amount. Installing a “low-flow” shower head can help to reduce this number even further. Low-flow shower heads have been known to use half the amount of water that traditional shower heads use.

In addition to limiting your water use, it is also important to make sure that all of the water-related equipment n the household is functioning properly. A leaky faucet may waste up to 1,000-2,000 gallons of water per year. That’s anywhere from 17-35 gallons of water per week. By paying for a repair or fixing leaky faucets yourself, you are actually making an investment that will save you money in the future. Faulty toilet seals can be an even more sinister culprit. Leaky toilets have been known to waste up to 500 gallons of water in one day! If you hear water running long after flushing is complete, it may be necessary to replace the rubber “flapper” in the tank on top of the toilet. This is an easy fix, and a new flapper can be purchased for as little as a few dollars. Some recommend replacing a toilet’s flapper as often as one per year.

Apr 11

The Dangers Of Water Leaks

Water seems like such a harmless substance and yet when water gets where it is not supposed to be it can cause very serious problems. A water leak can occur in your home or office and while there are many that can be spotted by simply looking under the sink or on the floor, there are actually many water leaks that go undetected for long periods of time and when they are finally discovered there is extensive damage that needs to be addressed in addition to taking care of repair to the pipes and resolving the leak.

As water is absorbed by the walls, floors, and ceilings of a building it can do irreparable damage. The integrity of a structure can be significantly compromised from water leaks and over time if left in disrepair a home or office space may need to be condemned because it will virtually become unsafe for use.

Water leaks, when left unaddressed can also lead to a build up of mold and mildew that can be toxic and deadly. When it comes to mold and mildew these substances can make people very ill and can make it difficult for them to breathe. In some cases, an individual living in a home or working in an office building may not even be aware that they have a water leak and that mold and mildew are building up in the ceiling or behind the walls. By the time they notice the water leaking they may already have mold and mildew damage.

There are also situations in which a person may no longer have a water leak but will have it resolved and yet still have mold and mildew building from previous water damage. Only a professional plumber can truly assess a water leak and address it properly. Having your home checked annually for the integrity of your pipes as well as having your roof inspected for any possible leaking can help you to avoid the deadly consequence of water damage. Water may be healthy for your body but when water leaks into your walls it can do some serious damage to you and your loved ones.

Apr 03

Who To Call When Your Water Heater Breaks Down

Unless your neighbor is a plumber, the best phone call you can make when your water heater gives up the ghost is your local full service plumber. You can find him online. Before your heater begins to leak or some other issue develops with the water in the tank, find a qualified, licensed, plumbing service that offers emergency service, 24/7.

You need a company that has been a member of the community for a number of years. You also want a company whose technicians are certified, bonded and insured. Often an excellent choice is a family owned and operated service company that appreciates your business.

For your own benefit, it might be advisable that you don’t hire the local handyman who does it all. He may not know it all, and you can’t afford to have him practice on your water heater. It may be an excellent idea to hook up with a company that can provide you with ongoing service for all your plumbing needs.

In fact, ask if the plumbing company has a maintenance program that can keep your plumbing issues operating as they should be. When you find a company that meets your requirements, you might want to hire him to take care of all those annoying little things that have gone wrong around your house.

Have him check all your drains, and unclog any that are backing up. You might also have him take care of all the annoying faucet leaks in all or many of your faucets. How about your toilets, do they get stuck and continue to flow until someone comes in and juggles the flush handle? Wouldn’t it be swell to have a reverse osmosis system installed to improve your drinking water?

There are a whole lot of things your plumber can do for you. In a way, it might have been fortuitous that your water heater gave out.

Oct 11

Bathroom Light Fixtures: How to Choose

Bathroom remodeling is both an exciting and challenging project. As far as functionality the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any dwelling and as the remodeling project progresses lighting becomes one of the key elements of its success. Whether the newly remodeled bathroom is simple or elaborate, effective lighting is a crucial element and the proper lighting fixtures will greatly enhance the enjoyment of the finished project.

Depending on the extent of the bathroom remodeling the light fixtures may need to be selected fairly early in the project. If relocating the electrical mounting boxes for the fixtures is part of the job it will provide a larger variety of options. If the remodeling does not include electrical changes there’s no need to worry as there are still many terrific solutions. When considering the lighting in any bathroom remodeling project the vanity area is one of the most important yet the temptation can be to provide lighting that is too harsh. A single light over the mirror just won’t do.

Generally speaking, light coming from each side of the mirror will provide the best experience for tasks like applying make-up and shaving. For this concept an electrical supply will be needed on each side of the mirror or perhaps, but only if the décor allows, swag lights could be used. If this isn’t possible a longer bank of lights over the mirror is the second best choice for lighting. There are many types of fixtures, some with simple to elegant lenses and others with decorative or globe bulbs that can be used to enhance the vanity atmosphere. Be careful though. Some globe bulbs show every speck of dust and quickly detract from the ambiance of a newly remodeled bathroom. One of the often overlooked considerations for proper lighting involves other areas than the vanity.

For smaller rooms a single area for fixtures near the vanity may be adequate yet may serve to create disappointing pockets of shadows so be certain to consider the room from every aspect of its use. Ask yourself, or better yet, imagine yourself performing all the grooming tasks and what type of lighting might be best. Stand in the shower area and decide not only what lighting is needed but what type of ambiance you’d like to create. Then consider whether such can be created from a central point or whether some recessed or indirect lighting might be best.

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Feb 09

Inline Hot Water Heater vs Conventional water heater

With the growing atrocities of the global warming and its harmful affects on the environment, it becomes imperative for all to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards making our environment a better place. Many organizations have already started the campaigns and now it’s the turn of the homeowners too to contribute towards this noble cause. One of the best and easiest ways of doing so is by installing an inline hot water heater with the help of the Miami plumbers and saving the energy thereafter.

They do not involve the usage of bulky tanks and can be fitted anywhere as per your convenience and necessity. Thus, you can also eradicate the pipes running inside your walls and reduce the odds of requiring more than one line.

It’s the ideal solution for the people planning to live off the grid, while saving substantial money as well as energy. You won’t be pressurized with the large chunk of electricity bill and can easily get the hot water as and when needed and thereafter, the inline hot water heater will automatically shut off. You can also save your hard earned money on the electricity bills as these inline hot water heaters rarely get damaged. As the usage of tanks is eliminated, the chances of damages also get substantially minimized. If there arises any damage or corrosion in the fittings or the pipes, then you can always contact the Minneapolis plumbing services and restore the hot water heating back to its normal state.

But some of the homeowners still prefer the traditional mode of heating, i.e. the usage of traditional hot water heaters. They cost less than the inline water heaters and the homeowners find them convenient to use. Now, with the changing time and the technology, the homeowners have a choice and they can select the best hot water heaters according to their convenience and necessity.

The best way to choose the ideal one is to read their reviews in the internet and view the different hot water heating products. This will greatly help you to get the idea about the various products which will help you to make an informed decision. Before making any final choice, you can also contact the Minneapolis plumber and ask for suggestions and recommendations. Being experts in this field, they can ideally suggest you the best option among the lot and will accurately install them as well!